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Possibly the worst blog writer in the world ever!

Disgraceful-the amount of time since I last blogged about anything.

Humblest apologies. What can I say? Life is crazy busy, as always, even though I am technically on holidays! But you see holiday time is when creative me goes into overdrive, trying to get everything that can be done, done!

The great news is that I have recorded all of the tracks for the first (yeah, do you like that for positivity?!) album in Redbox Recording Studios and am now at the mixing and mastering stage. I am in cahoots with a wonderful graphic designer friend for the artwork ideas for the album cover. I am truly,madly deeply hoping for the launch of the album for late November/early December. 

And more songs are being penned too...


Thank you for your encouragement and support in living this dream of mine.


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One more day (live) 17 May 2014

Debut single 'Little Bridge'

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