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And then there was the day after...

Have you ever found yourself so looking forward to something that when it comes, and of course subsequently goes, you are left a bit speechless? That describes how I felt after the show on Saturday night. From the moment I sat at the piano, in Damian's gorgeous twinkling light, I was in heaven. Indeed I overheard a comment later that I had never looked as happy (and I do think I have a generally cheery disposition!).It was happiness and magic and joy, with just a wee bit of fear at times.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along. I felt so supported and it was truly lovely seeing people I hadn't seen in a good few years. To Austin and David, for the amazing musicians they are, to Brian and Liam on sound-I always felt I was in very safe hands, to Damian and Jack-for creating an atmosphere I had barely dared to imagine, to Michelle-for her eye for detail and always finding the time for me and to all the staff at Ranfurly Arts Centre-for their warmth and attention throughout.

What's next? Well, for starters, the EP idea has transformed into an album idea, my fundit campaign is going to go live as soon as I can make it happen and I am going to get myself playing again really soon!


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One more day (live) 17 May 2014

Debut single 'Little Bridge'

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