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Possibly the worst blog writer in the world ever!


Disgraceful-the amount of time since I last blogged about anything.

Humblest apologies. What can I say? Life is crazy busy, as always, even though I am technically on holidays! But you see holiday time is when creative me goes into overdrive, trying to get everything that can be done, done!

The great news is that I have recorded all of the tracks for the first (yeah, do you like that for positivity?!) album in Redbox Recording Studios and am now at the mixing and mastering stage. I am in cahoots with a wonderful graphic designer friend for the the artwork ideas for the album cover. I am truly,madly deeply hoping for the launch of the album for late November/early December. 

And more songs are being penned too...


Thank you for your encouragement and support in living this dream of mine.


Itchy fingers...


My impatience is growing by the minute. I just want to get this album recorded and out. I never imagined it would take me this long. But it is coming...rough takes are down and I am a woman on a mission! I will keep you posted x

Yay! We succeeded!


Thank you to everyone who funded my Debut EP fundit project.

We reached the target amount and I am now booking  dates to get  into the studio to record the EP.

Very exciting times! 

Mairéad x

And it is live!!


My fundit project is now live!! 

Please click on the link below to get to my project:

I have 34 days (and counting!) to make this happen...I am counting on you, family, friends, newest fans and anyone who cares about original music and giving someone a chance to pursue a dream to get behind me.

Thank you


And then there was the day after...


Have you ever found yourself so looking forward to something that when it comes, and of course subsequently goes, you are left a bit speechless? That describes how I felt after the show on Saturday night. From the moment I sat at the piano, in Damian's gorgeous twinkling light, I was in heaven. Indeed I overheard a comment later that I had never looked as happy (and I do think I have a generally cheery disposition!).It was happiness and magic and joy, with just a wee bit of fear at times.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along. I felt so supported and it was truly lovely seeing people I hadn't seen in a good few years. To Austin and David, for the amazing musicians they are, to Brian and Liam on sound-I always felt I was in very safe hands, to Damian and Jack-for creating an atmosphere I had barely dared to imagine, to Michelle-for her eye for detail and always finding the time for me and to all the staff at Ranfurly Arts Centre-for their warmth and attention throughout.

What's next? Well, for starters, the EP idea has transformed into an album idea, my fundit campaign is going to go live as soon as I can make it happen and I am going to get myself playing again really soon!


A happy smiley me!


Performing my own material live was everything I had hoped it would be. The audience may have been small but I felt they listened intently to this new girl on the block. The feedback from my nearest and dearest was priceless, and more importantly hugely encouraging. I need a new turn of phrase,I know, because I cannot wait until the next time!!

Thanks to Jimmy at Monroes for giving me the slot and best of luck to Vinnies TV with their new album.

I feel I am a wee step closer to my EP....


The countdown is on!


First of all thank you  for taking the time to read my blog (first as a singer/songwriter)! 

I cannot promise any profound thoughts or world exclusives, just musings on this journey of mine.

20 days to my first gig as a solo artist and I am getting excited. It is really special that it is going to be in Galway too. Thankfully pressure seems to be a good stimulus as ideas are flowing in my songwriting-I hope I haven't just jinxed myself!

It has been a good few days; I finally shared my website with the world, uploaded some photos to the gallery and have now made a start at blogging! Heck, I even had a little run yesterday but I fear I have left it a tad late for my 6 mile stint of the marathon relay in Belfast on the 5th of May!

Fingers crossed on my writing front.

I hope to share details of my Pledge campaign soon with you all so watch the website.

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One more day (live) 17 May 2014

Debut single 'Little Bridge'

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